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Bring back past website visitors and get them to convert with remarketing ad campaigns managed by Pole Position Marketing.

Advanced Retargeting Techniques Focused on ROI

Retargeting is a form of online advertising?that allows you to target the most qualified and relevant prospects–those?who?have already visited your site. You can target a variety of past visitors, including those that…

  • Did not convert
  • Converted
  • Signed up for an email newsletter
  • Abandoned a shopping cart
  • Sign up for a subscription
  • Etc.

This type of campaign can be the final push that someone needs to realize how valuable your service can be to them or an encouragement to come back and do business with you again. With this form of advertising, you can use your ads to test reasons why visitors may have not converted on your site by offering incentives that may overcome their objections. For this reason, remarketing is known to have more?potential for success than almost all other forms of web marketing.

At Pole Position Marketing, we understand how to use advanced retargeting techniques to reach users that have been to your site at an ROI that makes sense for your business. We will use our knowledge to help build loyal customers to your site, resulting in long-term business growth.

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